How To Prepare For Your Bridal Preview

Bridal hair and makeup previews (or as some call them, a trial run) are the perfect way to test out the hair and makeup look that you have in mind for your wedding day. Not only is this appointment a sneak peek of your overall bridal look, but it’s one of the first times you’ll really see yourself as a BRIDE. Your bridal preview is also an excellent time to get to know your hair and makeup artist and discuss how to get your hair and skin in tip-top shape. Here are my tips on how to have a bridal preview that exceeds your expectations!

Finding your style

Before you start pinning, create a vision. When I ask most brides how they picture themselves walking down the aisle, the answer is almost always “Like myself, but better.” - which is honestly my favorite kind of analogy! My hope is that every bride can feel like the very best version of themselves - but creating a more detailed vision of how you would like your hair and makeup to look on your wedding day allows your hair and makeup artist to truly see things from your perspective. Some things to think about: How do you normally wear your hair and makeup? Do you imagine yourself having your hair up, or down? Do you want a more bold makeup look, or a look that is more subdued? Will you want to look more traditional or modern? These are all great things to think about before diving into Pinterest for inspiration.

Begin The Search

As most brides do, turning to resources like Pinterest is a great way to find tangible examples of hair and makeup looks. As you search and narrow down your options, it’s important to remember the vision that you have in mind for yourself. It can be really easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of options out there - so try to be specific in your searches. Rather than searching “wedding day hair and makeup”, try searching for “wedding updo’s for dark hair” or “natural makeup for blue eyes”. This will help you narrow down your options, and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with options.

Narrow Down your Options

Once you’ve had time to look through your options, choose 2-3 photos that reflect the type of look you’d like to go for. I always encourage my brides to tell me what exactly it is that they like about those photos so that I can do my best to recreate it, or create something similar. And remember - when narrowing down your choices it’s important to use photos that are similar to your features: hair color, length, skin tone, and eye color are important factors to consider.

During Your Preview

Communicate openly:

During your preview it is of the utmost importance to communicate and collaborate with your hair and makeup artist, and being specific about things you do like versus things you don’t like is extremely important. Of course, we will always use our professional judgment when creating your look - but please don’t say “just do what you think is best.” This can create confusion for your stylist and can leave a lot of things open to interpretation.

Don’t be afraid to ask for adjustments:

As a professional hair and makeup artists our job is to not only understand (in depth) the vision that you have in mind - but to be open to feedback. If something you noticed needs adjusting or just isn’t working for you, just politely say so! Things like lash styles, buffing out eyeliner, or enhancing the eyeshadow are all small adjustments that can be easily made. The goal is to get your preview look as close to your vision as possible, and I promise that it won’t hurt our feelings!

Try to relax and be present:

A lot of the times during wedding planning, we can be distracted and over stimulated with the dozens of things we have to think about and do. During your preview, use this time to relax and enjoy the process of getting pampered.

Additional things to consider:

Location: Where you have your preview is important! If your hair and makeup artist is coming to you, they will need a flat,

table top surface to set up on as well as power outlets and natural lighting.

Establish a regular skin and hair care routine: The success of your makeup trial depends greatly on how well you take care of your skin. Visiting an esthetician and establishing a great skincare routine and getting regular facials will greatly enhance your makeup application and leave your skin glowing. Additionally, getting regular trims and conditioning treatments will ensure that your hair is soft and manageable on your wedding day - but be sure to NOT use any deep conditioning treatments the week of your preview or week of your wedding. Deep conditioning treatments seal up the cuticle of the hair and this may prevent your style from holding.

Wear your look for at least four hours: As the day progresses, it’s important to make note of how your hair and makeup is wearing. If your hair loses a little bit of its hold or your face gets a little shiny or something smudges (which is completely normal) it’s important that this is relayed back to your hair and makeup artist for the wedding day. This way, we know what adjustments need to be made for your wedding day and what products we can use to prevent that.

Come alone: You’ve heard the phrase before - “Too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the soup.” While inviting your bridesmaids or mother to your preview appointment might seem like a good idea, in all reality it can cause a lot of unease for the bride to be. It’s important to remember that each person has their own style and preference as to how they like their hair and makeup, and asking someone their opinion or what they would do might overshadow the way you really feel about something. This goes right back to what I said about open communication and adjustments: if you’re uncertain about something, the best person to ask is the trusted professional that you hired. If you absolutely must bring someone, please ensure that they are not interfering with your experience by interjecting with suggestions.

I hope that these tips on how to have a successful bridal preview have been helpful! Are you ready to book your bridal hair and makeup trial? Let's connect!

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