Finding Your Ideal Hair + Makeup Artist

It’s happened. Your man has popped the question, you’ve said “Yaaaas!” and you finally get to start planning the wedding of your dreams. Selecting an artist for yourself and your bridal party is just as important as finding a high quality photographer or stunning venue. Not only are your bridal beauty services the kick off to one of the best days of your life, but the experience as a whole sets the tone for the entire day. Whether you’re just starting your search or narrowing down your options - here are some great tips to keep in mind when choosing your ideal bridal hair and makeup artist.

Set Your Budget Early: The center of a lot of wedding day decision making comes to budgeting and cost. Weddings can be SO expensive, and a lot of the times I meet brides who reach out last minute because they didn’t prioritize finding a bridal hair and makeup artist in their budget. Most bridal hair and makeup artists tend to book up about a year in advance, so I always recommend beginning your search at least one year to nine months in advance of your wedding day. This will allow you to filter through the artists that may be out of your budget, and find a quality artist that suits your style.

Style Matters: Once you start researching hair and makeup artists, the photos can all start blending together in a beautiful sea of updo’s and gorgeous bouquets. It can become real overwhelming, really fast! What I recommend is to look at each of their images and figure out their signature style. Is their hair and makeup style more dramatic and bold, or is it soft and feminine? Do a lot of their brides wear their hair down, or can you see that they can do gorgeous updo’s as well? It’s important to find an artist that is cohesive with the look that you are going for - and that have the portfolio to back it up. If you find an artist that you love and there was a specific look you had in mind - don’t be afraid to ask them for additional photos!

Experience Experience Experience: Another thing to consider when selecting a bridal hair and makeup artist is their experience - and no, that doesn’t include how much they’ve practiced on their friends and family. The morning of someone’s wedding day is a well orchestrated event that includes the coordination of the bride’s beauty team, photographer, and day of coordinator and it's important that you hire someone that has ample experience working actual weddings. An experienced bridal beauty stylist not only knows what they’re doing technically - but can ensure that your timing aligns with the needs of your other vendors and that the morning of your wedding runs smoothly. Your bridal beauty teams should provide a detailed timeline that outlines everyone’s services as well as the arrival of the photographer for any “getting ready” shots. If you’re hiring two separate companies for hair and makeup - be sure to link them up so that they can coordinate their timings.

Don't Settle: This is my final and most important suggestion I can make. Your wedding day is a moment where you deserve to look and feel your absolute best, and your photos are something that you will look back on forever. In the moment, it may seem like a good idea to go with that friend of your cousin’s who once worked at Sephora or the cheapest artist you can find - but that shouldn’t be a risk that you need to take. Invest in yourself! This day is about you and your future husband, and it should be everything you’ve dreamed it would be with as few disappointments as possible. Don’t forget that the way you look and feel is just as important as having an amazing venue or stunning photos.

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Happy Planning!


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