Wedding Day Skincare Tips

Top Skincare Tips for Glowing Wedding Day Skin

It's no doubt that planning the wedding of your dreams is all encompassing (not to mention extremely stressful) which can lead your skin looking less than it's best. Having a flawless complexion is usually the most number one request for wedding day makeup, and the condition of your skin is a really important factor in how your makeup will sit on your big day. Here are a few great tips to ensure your skin is looking its very best for your wedding day!

Visit a Dermatologist & Choose a Skincare Line That Suits Your Skin As the seasons change so does your skin, and choosing the best products for your skin can be really overwhelming. Is it oily? Is it dehydrated? Do you suffer from acne? The very best person that can answer all of your questions is a dermatologist, or, a doctor that specializes in skin care. After your first visit, your dermatologist should be able to recommend a variety of products tailored for your skin type and texture. Need help finding a dermatologist in your area? Click here! Exfoliate Over time our skin builds up a layer of dead skin cells and debris that needs to be gently exfoliated once or twice a week. Physical exfoliation stimulates collagen production and allows our new skin cells to regenerate, leaving you with perfectly plump and hydrated skin. Exfoliants come in many different forms, however the simplest way is to gently wash your face using a mild cleanser and a soft exfoliating sponge, like this one from Ulta! Have oily skin or clogged pores? Try these Facial Radiance Pads from First Aid Beauty. Moisturize Even as an oily skinned girl myself, nothing feels better than a freshly moisturized face! Pairing an oil free moisturizer with a hydrating eye cream will help even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. For extremely dry, flaky skin -- try Weleda Skin Food for instant nourishment. Oily babes, have no fear: try Tatcha's Water Cream Moisturizer to balance out that oily t-zone.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Water makes up almost 60% of your body, so it's no surprise that staying hydrated is scientifically proven to help balance out

the skin. Taking care of your body from the inside out will not only help flush out toxins and reduce bloat, but your skin will be more plump and less flaky. To ensure you get your eight glasses a day, try using this adorable and eco friendly reusable water bottle! Start right away! It's never too early to get your skin ready for your big day, and sometimes it can take a while for a great skincare regimen to take effect. Simply washing your face in the morning and the evening with a gentle cleanser followed by a lightweight, oil free

moisturizer is a great first step in getting your skin into tip top shape. Need more wedding day inspiration? Follow me on Pinterest.

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