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Not your everyday beauty.

Girl, this is your WEDDING day!  We don't do "paint by the numbers" makeup or underwhelming, basic hairstyles.  Just effortless, chic beauty that leaves you saying 


"Wait...I  look SO good." 

Loucks Wedding - 46.jpg

My Philosophy

My specialty is creating hair and makeup that's flawless both in photos and in person.  


It's so important that my clients feel amazing in their skin on their wedding day.  Your beauty experience can have such an impact on your confidence, and it's my number one goal to ensure you feel like yourself - but elevated!

Your Preview Appointment

Your preview is one of the first times you get to see your full wedding day look, so I  

make sure to make it's whole experience from start to finish. 

Bridal hair and makeup artist in Sonoma

The Consultation

We'll go through your inspiration photos so that I have a perfect have understanding of your vision.

Natural glam waves for brides

Dream Hair + Makeup

I’ll create the hair and makeup of your dreams. You’ll also have access to my stock of clip-in hair extensions to ensure your look is ABSOLUTELY perfect!



We'll acessorize with your jewelry or veil so you can see the full look. Not sure about a veil yet? No worries!  You’ll have access to a variety of styles to try on at my studio.

On location hair and makeup artist for weddings in Napa Valley, CA

The Photos

I’ll use my in studio photo setup to catch all the best angles of your hair and makeup so you can look back on them, share them with your besties, and get EXCITED for your special day!

Hair and makeup artist for weddings in California

Get Excited!

I'll air drop all your photos to you and make notes of any changes we discussed, but get excited because we are officially ready to nail your look on your wedding day! 


An elevated
wedding day.

All of my beautiful brides to be are offered:

  • A "curated for you" beauty timeline just for your wedding day services.

  • Newsletters and reminder e-mails to help keep you aligned with your pre-wedding beauty regimen.

  • An in depth, 3-Hour bridal hair and makeup preview to get you excited for your wedding day beauty!

  • Behind the scenes communication with your Wedding Planner to ensure your wedding morning and concierge services run smoothly. 

  • ​​A comprehensive "Bridal Prep Guide", so you know what to expect after booking. (No ghosting here, girl!)

  • Open support through your wedding day - I'm here for you!


Suzanne Karp Photography

"If you want the absolute best quality of bridal hair and makeup in the most supportive environment, then hire Rachel.  I've never received so many compliments in my life, and I still looked like myself which was so important to me.  I adore Rachel, and you will too. 


Stress free booking for your next event. Hair and makeup artist for your wedding.

Mike Larson Photography

Stress-free booking.

So...what's next?!  My "next steps" and booking process are seamless, organized and stress free.. as wedding planning should be!


Submit Your Inquiry

Let's do this thing!  Start by submitting an inquiry form on my "Contact Me" page. This helps me determine if I'm available for your date! 


I'll Send You A Formal Proposal


Request A Proposal

Wanna take the next step? Use the link in my Bridal Pricing Guide to request a detailed electronic proposal.


Sign & Send Your Contract Back

which outlines the pricing of your services and acts as your all-in-one Proposal, Contract and Invoice.  This makes viewing everything in one place SO easy!

 Yay! Once you send back your contract and retainer payment, you're all set and I'm officially your hair and makeup artist!  🎉

are we a match?

I'd love to hear more about your special day!

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