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2024 Wedding Trend Forecast 💕

In recent years we've witnessed a BIG trend in understated beauty and fashion choices in the bridal world. However, it's my opinion that 2023 was the year of the fashion-forward bride! They challenged traditional conventions and set a completely different tone of what bridal fashion was like. I am truly convinced that this "fashion forward" wave will continue to dominate bridal fashion trends well into 2024 as brides continue to embrace their individuality!

Let's take a sneak peek at some of the bridal beauty and wedding trends that gained major popularity in 2023, and are poised to make a lasting impression into 2024!

Polished Updo's: Brides are loving the sleek and polished updo trend, bringing sophistication without feeling old-fashioned. Inspired by red carpet styles and celebs like Hailey Bieber and Sofia Richie, these updos are less about texture and airiness and more about a chic, refined look. Keep it simple, keep it classy!

Soft Waves: Soft waves are stealing the spotlight, but there's a twist. Instead of more glamorous (and high maintenance) Hollywood waves, brides are going for more romantic, "blowout" style waves that are cleanly tucked back and off the face. This is one of my signature styles so I might be bias, but loose, big curls are the way to go!

Understated Satin Ballgowns: Less is more, especially when it comes to bridal gowns in 2024. Brides are falling for the charm of understated satin ballgowns and chic sheath gowns. The 90's are definitely back, in the BEST way- and these styles of gowns are proving it in the most effortlessly chic and sophisticated way.

Long Veils with Blushers:  Forget the hairpieces; veils are making a comeback! Veils are the perfect way to

elevate your bridal look, and even more brides are opting to wear a blusher veil than ever. This classic touch not only adds length to gowns without a train but also seamlessly blends tradition with more modern gown silhouettes.

Pops Of Color: When it comes to the attire, the gown undoubtedly steals the spotlight. While the majority of brides still lean towards traditional bridal gown colors, there's a growing trend of embracing a pop of color in the ensemble! Lately, many brides have fearlessly incorporated colorful elements like bags, shoes, or even jewelry to complement their overall look. The dominance of vibrant florals is also evident, steering away from the neutral floral palette that once prevailed. The era of subtle splashes is here to redefine bridal aesthetics! Colorful florals are definitely taking over as well!

Content Creation: Brides are seeking a more personal touch to their wedding memories, and this shift is evident in the rise of hiring content creators (like The BTS Bride) who specialize in candid, behind-the-scenes style wedding day content. These creators capture the raw emotions and the impromptu moments that may not always be captured by professional cameras - and they're formatted perfectly to share on social media!

Your wedding day is a big deal, and it's all about you feeling like the best version of yourself. Trends may come and go, but the key is to feel comfortable and authentic! Pick a personal style that feels right for you – something that not only looks good but makes you feel insanely confident (and most importantly, comfortable!) Go for a look that's unique to you, and lets you enjoy your special day without feeling weighed down by trends!

Need help figuring out your dream wedding day hair and makeup? Let's chat!

Happy wedding planning!




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