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Hey Beautiful!

I'm so glad you're here.  

Your wedding day beauty is such a personal experience, and choosing the perfect hair and makeup artist can be so overwhelming.  You deserve to have the wedding hair and makeup of your DREAMS, and that's why I  do what I do.

With over eighteen years as a hair and makeup artist, and eight years working at the most stunning wedding venues in Napa and Sonoma, I have helped hundreds of brides feel like the most elevate, authentic version of themselves!

Meet Rachel

Napa Valley bridal hair and makeup artist, corgi mom, and coffee lover.  

  • My Signature Style
    My signature style is what I refer to as "Noticeable, yet natural”. Think of Sofia Richie, Charlotte Tilbury and Hailey Bieber - that effortless, elevated “It Girl” beauty that’s fresh, sophisticated and modern. What you won’t find in my portfolio is over the top glam, heavy strip lashes, or dated prom worthy hair. Just chic, feminine bridal makeup and effortlessly cool hairstyles.
  • My Services
    Unlike most bridal hair and makeup artists, my "Bride Centered" approach allows me to focus solely on the bride's hair and makeup, without distraction. I offer a variety of full-service wedding day packages to ensure that you feel calm, stress-free, and supported all day long.
  • Exclusivity
    I only commit to one wedding per day, so on your wedding day I am exclusive to you. No rushing through 10 bridesmaids or jetting off to make it to my next appointment, just bride centered beauty services that leave you feeling supported and confident.
  • Full Concierge Services
    Your wedding day will be a LONG one, so let's make sure you look flawless in every photo. Beauty concierge services allow me to support you through all those first look tears and pre ceremony kisses. I'll be by your side keeping you fresh faced and photo-perfect at all times (trust me, your photographer will love it!) This includes lip and shine touch ups, adjusting your hair and veil, or helping to carry your gown and bouquet. It’s like I’m your wedding day Fairy Godmother! These important services are especially helpful on those hot, windy or rainy months!
  • Exceptional Quality & Experience
    Hiring a professional that specializes in FLAWLESS hair and makeup is important, but hiring someone that knows how wedding days work is CRUCIAL. As a beauty expert that exclusively specializes in weddings, I know that successful wedding days run like a well-oiled machine. Not every hair and makeup artist knows how to navigate the demands of a wedding day. Hiring an experienced artist that specializes in weddings helps to ensure that your entire morning runs smoothly (and most importantly, on time!)

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My Philosophy

My specialty is creating hair and makeup that's flawless both in photos and in person.  


It's so important that my clients feel amazing in their skin on their wedding day.  Your beauty experience can have such an impact on your confidence, and it's my number one goal to ensure you feel like yourself - but elevated!

Bridal hair and makeup artist in Sonoma, California
"Couldn’t be more grateful for Rachel’s calm presence and quiet commitment to the day’s timeline, I never felt like we were in a hurry. Rachel, thank you for being my shadow all day long, helping with my mile long veil in the wind, and being such a light." 

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Bride Focused


"What's it like to work with Rachel?"

  • A relaxing and calm morning.

  • Hair and makeup that runs smoothly and on time. 

  • Confidence in knowing that your hair and makeup will look absolutely flawless.

  • Working with a hair and makeup artist who prioritizes your personal beauty experience. 

I  am just as obsessed with your wedding as you are, and that's why your hair and makeup are my only priority.  My luxury, bride focused, approach allows me to focus all of my time and attention on you (as it should be!)


Thoughtfully curated beauty for over 450+ Brides.

Weddings are kinda my thing. 

My services are perfect


  • Wants to look and feel like the most elevated version of themselves on their wedding day.

  • Values a natural, chic aesthetic over heavy or dated glam looks. 

  • Dreams of the perfectly effortless low bun or soft waves (those are my specialty!)

  • Hopes to hire an experienced artist that specializes in weddings and more importantly, BRIDAL hair and makeup.

Hair and makeup artist in napa valley

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Rachel Lusk - Providing Luxury Bridal Hair and Makeup Services in Napa Valley, Yountville, St. Helena, Calistoga, Sonoma, San Francisco and beyond. 

Elevated, Chic Beauty Services For Brides in Napa Valley, Yountville, St. Helena, Calistoga, Sonoma, San Francisco and beyond. 

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"I  can't thank you enough, Rachel.  Hair and makeup was the easiest decision to make once I met you.  I've never felt more beautiful in my life, but on top of everything you left me feeling so supported and heard.  I couldn't ask for a more perfect experience  on my wedding day." 

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No filters, no Facetune. Just authentic, realistic bridal beauty. 

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